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Vanshika Cabs User Rules and Regulations

  • A cab ride, parking fees and extra night expenses are all included in the cost of your trip. Using the company’s services is at your own risk, and you must agree and accept this fact. There are no guarantees or representations of any sort made by the company.
  • He or she should not engage in the following activities while in a taxi: smoking, drinking, or eating.
  • Smoking or ingesting any form of intoxication is absolutely forbidden in the Taxi. However, if such is the case, the driver might decline the customer’s pick-up and ask them to get out of his or her taxi. Customers who are inebriated or acting inappropriately around other passengers or the driver may be refused pickup by the driver:-
  • Filth on the Cab’s Floor
  • Seats or other Cab interiors being soiled or damaged in any way
  • Technical and non-technical terms being misused in cabs
  • When a motorist is asked to breach any traffic/RTO/City Police/Government regulations for whatever reason, it is against the law.
  • If you request that the driver pick up more people than the cab can accommodate, this is referred to as overbooking.


If you do not want to remove any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notices from any part of the Services, you may not do the following: I copy the Services; (ii) modify the Services; (iii) prepare derivative works based on or based on the Services; (iv) distribute; (v) licence the Services; (vi) sell or resell the Services; and (vii) transmit, stream, broadcast or otherwise exploit the Services except as expressly permitted by Vanshika Cabs.

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